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Thank you for visiting our Articles page, which includes not only articles, but video and other media, as well.

Karl writes about and discusses leadership, ethics in business and advertising, keys to personal and organizational success, and much more for a variety of media.  His views are unique and controversial and often invite interesting discussion. 

Due to Karl's speaking engagements, he is often the topic of articles published in various publications.  You will find some of of these, below.

You may share the articles with others as long as you maintain the integrity of the Copyright statement found within.
All articles are the Copyright of Karl R. Zimmer III unless otherwise noted.


Karl being "Buzzed" by Tony Scelzo, founder of Rainmakers.



Karl was interviewed on XRB Radio. To listen or download, click here: XRB Radio November 14, 2008


Print Media

Click on a title to download:

Managing Your Weight (PDF) The first in a series of articles published in the March 2009, Hendricks County ICON, giving some powerful yet simple ideas to help those wanting to lose weight.

Managing Your Weight 2 (PDF) This second in a series offers proven methods to promote healthty eating habits.

Managing Your Weight 3 (PDF) This third in a series offers proven methods to promote healthy eating habits and to manage your weight.

Managing Your Weight 4 (PDF) This fourth in a series offers proven methods to promote healthy eating habits and to manage your weight.

Managing Your Weight 5 (PDF) This fifth in a series is about some interesting research about candles and your weight. Download it now!

The Dangers of "Light" Cigarettes (PDF) This article is about some new research about a new, dangerous cancer that is linked to "Light" cigarettes. If you are a smoker, you owe it to yourself to read this. Download it now!

The Power of Words (PDF) This article is one everyone can relate to. Download it and share it with someone you care about.

When the Smoke Clears, Then What? (PDF) This article is not about smoking, but rather about the power of perception or perspective. Download it and learn this simple yet powerful tool.

You Know More Than You Think (PDF) What if you had all the knowledge you needed to solve any problem you would ever face? Download this article and learn the truth about what you know.

Stress During the Holidays (PDF) Many people feel stressed during the Holiday Season for a variety of reasons. This article discusses some simple ways to feel better. Download it now and share it with others you know who could benefit.

The Truth About Resolutions (PDF) Download this article to learn why most people fail and how you can succeed.


Hypnotic Healing (PDF) An article about hypnosis that is of interest, though it doesn't include anything about Karl.

The Heart of Business (PDF)

Business is a dog-eat-dog world (PDF)

Business Leader (PDF)   An article about Karl from the July, 2007, Johnson County Business Leader (poor quality reproduction).


Click on a title to view:

December 2007 edition of Entrepreneur Magazine quoting Karl.


More articles coming soon.

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