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Karl R. Zimmer III
is Accredited by
the Institute for
Independent Business

Coaching executives and professionals for extraordinary results and balance.

You deal with myriad pressures and issues every day.

As hard as you try to find balance, to address each issue in the best possible way, to communicate your vision, and to appropriately delegate authority and responsibility to accomplish that vision, results may not be consistent with the effort.

If you have attempted to address any issues and are not satisfied with the outcomes, Karl can help.

Are any of the following statements true?

  • I work more hours and seem to accomplish less
  • I am frustrated by the apparent lack of attention by my directs
  • It seems difficult for others to make decisions
  • I no longer find the joy in my work I once did
  • My personal life is suffering because of my professional life
  • I feel like I'm spinning my wheels but not going anywhere
  • I haven't been able to enjoy a weekend in months
  • Vacation? What's a vacation?
  • I look forward to Fridays
  • Success is not what it's cracked up to be

If any of the above is true, then you are a perfect candidate for Karl's expertise. Don't you deserve to enjoy your weekends? Wouldn't you like to have a real vacation?

Are there challenges at work, whether related to direct reports or peers, for which you would like to have expert support? Are there decisions to make or projects to lead for which you would like objective feedback or guidance?

What is so difficult about finding balance in our lives when our careers seem to be going so well? Must we compromise our personal lives to be successful?

Karl's experience as a CEO and entrepreneur and his research and consulting work have taught him many secrets about relationships, making decisions, and finding balance in the hectic life of an executive. What he has learned also applies to other professionals including sports and entertainment personalities.

To help his clients become more successful and joyful, Karl uses several proven processes to address issues that are below the surface or below the radar. He has learned that the things that prevent us from attaining what we want are often things we don't realize are holding us back.

What results would get you excited?

  • Enjoying every minute of every single day
  • Having your kids greet you at the door with hugs
  • Feeling confident that the office will be fine while you're on vacation
  • Sleeping well every night and waking full of energy
  • Losing that last ten pounds
  • Productive, fun meetings
  • Your directs needing much less direction
  • Accomplishing all your goals, ahead of schedule

You and your organization deserve to accomplish exactly what you intend.

You deserve to have it all. You deserve to have a great career and a wonderful personal life.

Let Karl help you and your organization realize the results you want!

Contact Karl R. Zimmer III for more information.


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