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Conscious Leadership begins with the natural desire to serve others, like Servant Leadership, to serve above all else, to make sure that the other people's highest priority needs are being served.

A Conscious Leader is also aware of the interdependence of all things, of the universal laws that affect all things. A Conscious Leader makes decisions based on what is for the highest good of all, with no attachment to the outcome. A Conscious Leader understands that real power is internal (ego-less), not external (ego driven).

The true measure of a leader is the strength of one's character, not the size of one's ego.

A Conscious Leader follows the tenets of RULE®, which inspires greatness in all who enthusiastically follow. All stakeholders (TBL) are valued. A Conscious Leader is also a teacher, a coach, and a healer.

And the result is Profit in Harmony!®

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