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Welcome to our Favorite Charities page.

The need is great, as is your giving heart. Thank you!

All contributions to these fine organizations are fully tax-deductable. Please click on an image to visit the respective charity's web site to learn more and to make a donation. Any of these organizations deserves to be one of your favorite charities.


Please check out our newest addition, 46664 Bangle Campaign in support of the Nelson Mandela Foundation..

These beautiful 46664 Bangles, made in South Africa, support vital causes in the fight against HIV/AIDS and poverty in Africa where the need is the greatest.  Join Clint and Dina Eastwood, Matt Damon, Missy Elliott, , Hlubi, Minki Visser, and many others in this important cause. Click on the banner for more information and to order your beautiful 46664 Bangle today!


Bono's latest effort to save Africa and the millions who suffer from HIV/AIDS is RED™.  He is joined
by co-founder Bobby Shriver,  Apple,  Giorgio Armani,  Converse,  Penelope Cruz,  GAP,
,  and many others.  Check out all the RED™ partners and DO THE RED THING™.


Oprah's Angel Network is one of the finest charitable organizations.
One hundred percent of donations go directly to programs and services.
All administrative costs are paid by Oprah.  She puts her money where her heart is.


Heifer International serves in a unique way. It shows the most impoverished people
in the world how to help themselves and their communities. This is an outstanding
organization. Please visit Heifer International, and make a difference, today.


Joyful Living, founded by Helene Rothschild, is an educational organization
dedicated to physical, emotional, and spiritual growth.
(See Note, below.)


The ONE Campaign, founded by Bono and supported by George Clooney, Brad Pitt, and many others,
is giving a voice to those devastated by HIV/AIDS and poverty around the world, especially in Africa.
Please help today! Visit the ONE Campaign by clicking the banner.


StandUp, founded by Bill and Melinda Gates, is bringing attention and much needed support to the failing secondary education system in the United States. We have gone from first place to outside the top twenty. This is a crisis!
Visit StandUp by clicking the logo.


UNICEF is helping millions of people in the most devastated parts of our world.
Join Lucy Liu and help bring relief from HIV/AIDS and poverty.
You can give hope and save a child today. Click on Lucy.


The Villages, an organization dedicated to children and families, continues
to create exceptional outcomes for the children, youth, and families it serves.
Please visit, today. You can make a difference!



We are grateful for your support of these fine organizations. Thank you!


Note: Karl R. Zimmer III is a member of the Board of Directors of The Villages
and is interim president of Joyful Living. He receives no compensation.


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