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Servant Leader Business Coaching

"The heart of a business is the heart of a business."   The strength of a business is when leadership creates an environment within which people are valued and encouraged to be all they are, not just left brained, analytical but also right brained, creative, intuitive, and compassionate.

As human beings, no matter what our role within our organization, we have a need to feel valued. When we are valued and when we value ourselves, we are better able to express our appreciation to others.

Karl practiced Servant Leadership long before he heard the term. He did so because leading by example and serving those with whom he worked made sense to him; it felt right.

For Organizational Development to be led most effectively, it requires someone with a deep understanding of the human spirit, someone with the utmost integrity, and someone dedicated to the organization as a whole.

With broad business experience, including having served as CEO of a leading packaging company and founding a well respected executive transportation firm, Karl is sharing the many lessons he has learned so others may realize their full potential, both personally and professionally.

Conscious Leadership

Karl R. Zimmer III, encourages and coaches leaders to practice what he calls, "Conscious Leadership."  Explore the menu at the left to learn more.

A study published in Harvard Business Review shows a direct correlation between a company's performance and the company's relationship with its customers.  An improvement of just 5% in Customer Loyalty can result in an improvement of profitability by 25% to 85%.  The study also shows that the relationship a company has with its customers is directly linked to the spirit of the employees who touch the customer.

When your employees feel valued and your customers feel valued, then the value of your business increases. Whomever you define as your stakeholders, do they know you value them?

Karl has signed the Business Ethics Pledge. Please click the link in the menu and become part of the solution.

Karl is helping organizations Profit in Harmony!®  He would be honored to be of service to you and your organization. Contact Karl, today.


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