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Extraordinary services bring extraordinary results.

When we seem to be doing everything right to grow our businesses or to reach our personal goals but the results are inconsistent with the effort, we may need someone with exceptional skills.

If you have attempted to address any issues and are not satisfied with the results, Karl can help.

Are any of the following statements true?

  • Customers are satisfied with the service provided
  • Departments and divisions cooperate when directed
  • Company staff seem satisfied with status quo, no longer as creative and effective as they once were
  • Your organization uses the most sophisticated business systems and models yet is not operating at the level desired
  • Recruiting and retention issues restrict organizational growth
  • You provide your staff competitive pay and benefits, yet you are not satisfied with the level of retention
  • You and your managers spend too much time on issues not serving your business
  • Your products or services are far superior to those of your competitors, yet your business is not growing at a substantial pace

If any of the above is true, including the first statement, then you are a perfect candidate for Karl's expertise. What is wrong with having customers who are satisfied with the service you provide? Would you rather have customers who are thrilled with the service you provide?

Why do organizations doing everything right still not perform as they could?

When people within an organization are out of balance in any way, the organization is out of balance.  Organizations that are not in balance can not perform at the highest level, regardless of the metrics and systems being utilized.

In addition to Karl's vast experience as a CEO and entrepreneur, Karl uses several processes, generally referred to in Profit in Harmony®, which allow him to address issues that are below the surface or below the radar. These issues are often unknown to management and staff.

What results would get you excited?

  • Renewed Staff Creativity and Effectiveness
  • Healthy Interpersonal Relationships
  • Eager Cooperation among all Departments/Divisions
  • Excited, Motivated Employees
  • Double Performance Improvement
  • Attracting and Retaining the Perfect Staff
  • Delighted Customers

You and your organization deserve to accomplish exactly what you intend.

Let Karl help you and your organization realize the results you want! Retain Karl to lead your Organizational Development effort.

Contact Karl R. Zimmer III for more information.


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