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 Karl R Zimmer III, Inc. BBB Business Review


Karl R. Zimmer III is a
Board Certified member of the
National Guild of Hypnotists.


Karl R. Zimmer III, was
Licensed & Certified
by the State of Indiana.
License No. 38000108A




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    What some people have said about their experience with Karl

  • "Karl, I wanted to give you an update...Friday March 8th, marked 1 year smoke free. I feel better than ever and never really think about smoking. It seems like a lifetime ago. Thanks again... Have a great day!!! JK in Plainfield, IN

  • "Oh My Gosh, You are the most loved man in Avon right now. Everyone is talking about how amazing your presentation was."
    JS in Avon, IN via Twitter

  • "I wanted to let you know that my ride on Wednesday went well. I will admit to feeling a bit skeptical about it all but was pleasantly surprised by how everything worked out in the end. As my riding lesson progressed, I had no physical response or anxiety about working with the horse (even though it was one I had never ridden before). Overall, I was only able to fully canter one length of the arena, but ultimately it turned out the horse (and not me) was the one resisting a more prolonged canter. Due to the fact my response was so different than it had been the past, I knew that I was not holding the horse back. As such, after tweaking my position and signals several times, my riding instructor ended up taking the horse out into the arena herself. She too was unable to get a prolonged canter out of the horse, and it was eventually determined that the horse was just being a bit lazy (and more than a tad stubborn).

    I think my riding instructor was worried I would be disappointed by not being able to canter more on Wednesday, when in fact, I was simply thrilled to have not only made it to a canter but to have aggressively worked towards that canter without once feeling anxious. As such, I deem the ride to have been a success.

    You will be happy to know that I plan to ride again next Wednesday, and I have every intention of cantering to my heart's content. I will keep you posted on how it goes.

    Thanks again for your help!" N in Connersville, IN

  • "Last month, my daughter met with you twice to help her focus and overcome her test anxiety. If you recall she is a (Ivy League) soccer recruit and the coaches asked that she improve her SAT reading comprehension score by, at minimum, 30 points. We got her test scores back yesterday and she did not improve her score by 30 points; she improved her score by 130 points! My daughter and her coaches are very pleased! Thank you for the work that you did in helping her achieve her goal."  J in Plainfield, IN

  • "I had been a smoker for 38 years and had tried everything including Chantix® to try and quit. Karl had me fill out a questionnaire and make an appointment. After an hour in the chair, it seemed like ten minutes, I opened my eyes and I was a nonsmoker. My car smelled bad when I got into it. Darn smokers. I was awake and aware the entire time. I knew the road Karl was guiding me down, there was no great mystery. Now when my mind says I want a smoke, a stronger smarter part of my mind reminds me I am a nonsmoker. The mental gymnastics take well less than a second and have become fewer and fewer as time goes on. And yes, I feel better, food tastes better, I have more energy, and have a much more positive attitude. It is all the things you hear about. It is a better world."  T in Mooresville, IN

  • "Karl is masterful and very compassionate about anything he chooses to accomplish. Being aware of his unique gift, I sent a friend to see him regarding his fear of flying and (not) being able to enjoy a well deserved vacation. After one session, my friend was able to fly without hesitation, thoroughly relaxed and enjoyed his vacation. He informed me of two changes he will make in his life; take at least two full weeks off each year and see Karl more often."  J in Avon, IN

  • "I want to tell you today is Jim's 21st day of being a non-smoker. Thanks for what you did for him. He is and has been very successful with this. Thanks, Karl for being there at the right time when he was ready and your tool box of messages was and is very successful."   P in Greenwood, IN

  • "Thank you, Karl, for leading me through a recent forgiveness session a few weeks ago. As someone who is a sincere devotee of visualization, I have found this guided session has empowered me and cleared my outlook toward the person I felt had grievously offended me. With your help, I came to recognize that the hurt feelings I was carrying inside were preventing me from moving on in my relationship with my perceived offender. I was angry.

    After the session, I felt somehow that a load had been lifted and cleared because during our session I was able to safely speak my mind and address the specifics of my hurt without our "conversation" veering from the situation at hand. I heard the things I needed to hear in order to move on.

    I waited to write to you because I really wanted to see if the effects were transitory or long lasting. In fact, I believe they may be permanent, but what's even better is that I can repeat the visualization process you taught me and can apply it to other relationships. Thank you for your kind, gentle, understanding insight and approach."  S in Chicago

  • "I can honestly say, the journey of forgiveness has made a difference, the way you taught me to "leave" (in my case) the pain behind me, so I can forgive, made a lot of sense, therefore my anger is gone now. I have more peace within me, and I do not sweat the "small stuff" any longer. I think I have grown as a person for having had this experience of forgiveness, (and) as I go though my life, I know I will use the skills you have so generously given me. For that I thank you." T near Chicago

  • "Thank you, thank you, thank you. You have given me a new life, a feeling of well being, of control, and the knowledge that I deserve to be happy. I was angry, before, and through the hypnosis sessions and all that you taught me, I am now a new person, one I admire and am proud to be." L in Northern Indiana


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